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I am a transformational systems specialist consulting & empowering integrity-driven leaders, high end executives, and business owners with emotional intelligence & big business success solutions through gamification, certification & reconciliation.
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Learn how to strengthen you, the Hero, in your Success Story to weaken those pesty self-sabotaging villains! 


About Author
Sandra Nestor Love

Sandra Nestor Love

My Toxicology to Successology Story

My story starts with being born in Haiti with seven sisters and four brothers. My wonderful father, who was an incredible welder, brought us to the United States for new opportunities and privileges. When he retired, he returned to Haiti, and I chose to stay in the United States with my older brother. I was only fifteen years old at this time, so I had to swim towards my success or sink in excuses. I aggressively chose to win.

In my early twenties, I was doing well in my career as an internet sales manager for a major car manufacturer. Making six figures and having five cars in my driveway, I felt invincible. I was the hero in my story. Little did I know my world would come crashing down in my thirties. I didn't know who I was but had a clear mental image, passionate desire, and work ethic to be successful. My focus helped me quickly attain success, but my lack of practicing core values ruined my prosperity's longevity. It felt as if I built my house and life with a deck of playing cards. My prosperity practices were stronger than my core value principles. I was a broken-hearted, divorced mom of two, homeless, and desperate to start over.

As I reflected on my situation, I realized the importance of letting failure become a teacher. Ironically, my roaring twenties were less fulfilling than my struggling thirties. In my twenties, I exercised all the prosperity principles my father taught me that made me rich in "stuff." However, the chaotic harvest I reaped in my early thirties was due to the lack of a solid foundation in my twenties. I gradually developed a drinking problem and attracted toxic relationships, rather than building my success in being a healthy human being at the core-level. I did it backward. I was practicing the wrong thing because I was focused on the wrong thing. I knew I did not need pity, so I replaced it with passion. I knew that I would keep going in the direction I chose to face and would eventually win what I was willing to chase.

  • Published Author of guided “MySuccess Journal series” that shifts the inner narrative to redefine THE BEST blissful legacy

  • Transformational Keynote Speaker topics to get clarity & strategy on who you are & what you want in commUNITY

  • CEO & Creative Designer of “THE BEST” bliss boosting story-telling game plan that improves clarity, strategy & community

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Talk Topics

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OMG: Optimizing My Greatness
Define & reframe your purposeful core-identity in a blissful success story

Everyone wants the best! What is the required exchange for leaving your best legacy? We will help you answer this question, ignite your creative curiosity & trigger a new transformation process in this session. Life is not about being perfect but enjoying our growth process. As leaders, it is vital to realize our team's achievable potential with a clear strategic plan through the three main types of conflict. Challenges are to develop our inner-hero to replace the complaining ego. Honor is the secret weapon; trustworthiness is the cornerstone & hope is the focal point of the best blissful success possible.


Journaling Book Series to help you build new neural pathways to rewrite your future:

7 weeks on the 7Cs to replace anxiety’s bullying-blockers improving corporate community culture.

5 day (vs 1 day OMG intensive ) OMG retreat to launch 90 day Transformation

1 year in Millionaires Mastering Self-Alliance to optimize others’ community festival

Noisy vs. Harmony
Blissfully become THE BEST version of yourself. Reverse engineer building your core-credibility by converting your past’s problematic painful points through story-telling for new engaging opportunities, income stream, or into a legacy leader gift for your successors.

What is the EQ Success Development System?
A 3-phase strategy that includes:
1. Gamification: You'll play THE BEST Game

2. Certification: You'll learn what we call "Prosperity Blueprinting" and establish your new Success Story
3. Reconciliation: You'll celebrate through the Core CommUNITY Festival

You'll dig into the 7Cs in 7 Weeks, where we'll teach you 7 Core Characteristics that will help you gain clarity on your core identity:


  • Calmly commit to share your story clearly

  • Consistently cultivate child-like curiosity & gratitude

  • Compassionately forgive yourself and others

  • Creatively control success-design by prosperity blueprinting

  • Congruently-connect to the best

  • Courageously confront the call to action to win the conflict within

  • Credibly distribute to others to increase ROI

Want clarity and strategy in your core community? Follow our EQ Successful Development System. You'll generate THE BEST R.O.I. by daily creating a total new life improvement, from the inside out, through mastering self-alliance, not self-reliance.

You'll be singing: “OMG: I am Optimizing My Greatness!”

Fists in Solidarity

Transformational Keynote Speaker topics to replace toxicology and get clarity & strategy on who you are & what you want in commUNITY

  • Replace Anxiety with Appreciative Attitude, alignment in authenticity, authority is THE BEST leadership strategy to replace anxiety or addictions

  • Replace Blindspots with Balance and blissful boundaries to build the best self-worth to improve partnerships (OMG to improve ROI)

  • Replace Carelessness with Compassionately and courageously confronting conflict through THE BEST 7Cs to leave the ultimate life legacy

Testimonials of why hire Sandra N Love


Sandra is gold! Sandra is someone you will never forget. Meet her once and her fierce love and passion will leave a mark. She has a heart of gold. Not only is Sandra a speaker/teacher, she is also teachable. This is important because it’s what marks her as a GREAT teacher. She is always open to what others have to say and doesn’t dismiss different views. This is important to me. Sandra honors people and her drive to equip and empower people to live their BEST life is refreshing. She’s honest and encouraging. I never leave a conversation with Sandra drained. She’s uplifting and purpose-driven. Sandra shared at a retreat I hosted and her ability to share things in a way that is relatable is amazing. When she speaks, it sounds like poetry. It touches the soul. It’s beautiful. I’d recommend Sandra for any type of service she offers. Her fierce loves is matched by her humble service. She definitely is a servant-leader."


Andrea John

Director of JESUS HOUSE

Sandra has over 140 perfect 5 star reviews on Google My Business &

Sandra is a dynamo, an exciting, stimulating, and thought-provoking speaker and person. Always fun to be around and energizing.

John Beehner

 CEO of

(904) 536-6960


  • Dr. Drew Edwards
    Co-Founder of
    (904) 514-2057

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